Monday, April 29, 2013

24 Week Update

How Far Along? 24 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: +13 lbs-haven't weighed myself since last dr. appt. though
Maternity clothes? Yep! mixing a few pieces here and there, tried this top on for the pic above and quickly changed right after and immediately felt more comfortable
Stretch marks? Nothing yet
Sleep: Sleep is typically pretty good. I feel like pregnant women complain all the time about sleep, and I haven't really had any major issues, other than a bathroom break once a night and flipping back and forth to get comfortable, nothing I can't live with. Back pain has started to become an issue lately, which has caused me to be less comfortable, but my body pillow seems to at least help

Best moment this week: My first baby shower at my mom's hosted by my mom and sister! We got a great start to baby items!
Miss Anything? Not feeling winded when I walk long distances or go up stairs, being able to control my emotions!!!
Movement: Felt Baby B's first hiccups this weekend! I was laying in bed and all the sudden I felt a constant little pop, just like a hiccup, and then he had them again the next day. Other than that, movement is all the time now:)
Food cravings: Food-in general.....haha. The last few weeks I have been mowing down Oreos, fruit snacks, fruit in general. And the regulars-Chinese food, spicy food, salty food
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really
Have you started to show yet: Getting bigger by the hour!
Gender prediction:  ALL Boy
Belly Button in or out? depends on where he is sitting in my belly now, I can see it pop out if he is closer to the front of my belly but if he is towards the back I notice it reverts back in, and then when he moves you can see it pop in and out-so weird!
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Mostly happy and enjoying life-loved being with family and at my baby shower. Emotions are still a roller coaster, but that is to be expected also
Looking forward to: Our next ultrasound on May 14, and now that the weather is FINALLY nicer, thinking about later this summer and fall when we go on walks and it won't just be me and Josh, we will have a little stroller with us!

Labor Signs? Nope-although 24 weeks is a big milestone and we are happy to have made it this far. Baby B can now survive outside the womb, god willing he doesn't decide to come early, but it still makes you feel a little more comfortable.

Anything Else???? I am hoping to share the pictures from my baby shower later this week. My mom took pictures and waiting for her email those to me. We had a great day, I really enjoyed getting all the great gifts!!!

Just an FYI-playing twister with your 5 year old niece is not on the recommended list of activities to do, 6 and half months pregnant:) Sometimes I really do forget I am pregnant, being that I really don't have a whole lot of issues other than a bulging mid section. However, when Morgan asked me to play, I thought, why not? Why not?!?! An aching back is to thank after that:)

WOW-am I really 6 and half months pregnant already?! Do we really start our 3rd trimester in just a few short weeks. This whole experience has just been flying by already. Looking forward to nicer weather (with the exception of the latter part of this week.....ugh don't even get my started on Iowa weather), more days off (memorial day, vacation, 4th of july), and summer will just flyyyy by! Cannot wait!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

22 Week Update

How Far Along? 22 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: +13 lbs
Maternity clothes? Mostly.......yes, the picture above has a little taste of a new outfit I bought the other day at Motherhood Maternity. Day to day clothes around the house is not hard to do and I usually mix non-maternity w/ maternity pieces, but work clothes have been a struggle. So I went out and bought myself a couple pairs of nice pants and some tops. Life is much more comfortable in them.
Stretch marks? So far so good, still looking smooth:)
Sleep: Still doing well for the most part. Weirdly, I can still sleep on my tummy pretty comfortably, sometimes I use a pillow, but in the middle of the night I get tired of the body pillow and usually just sleep anyway I can.
Best moment this week: Spending time with my mom and grandparents, they haven't seen the REAL baby bump in person until this last weekend.
Miss Anything? I am not missing much this week, the usual, alcohol, but I am getting used to that now. I don't really limit myself to what I can eat, maybe I should be, but it's all safe in moderation in my opinion. So, I eat feta cheese, but not very often-maybe on a salad once in a while. Or I have a slice of deli meat, but again it's not very often and it's just to get a taste. Is there much else I shouldn't be doing? Drinking pop, I wasn't a huge pop drinker in the first place, so maybe one a week, and I usually have a coffee every other day in the morning-but never both in the same day. Caffeine does weird stuff to my blood sugar, and makes me feel jittery, so I am not a huge pop/coffee drinker anyways. Fish, I have some fish MAYBE once a week if we go out to eat.
Movement: We had a dr. appointment today and the Dr. confirmed we have a very active baby! I thought he moved a lot, but then again, who am I to determine? It isn't like I have felt another baby in there before. He said our baby is moving ALOT! Which, I think I agree with, Baby B is always moving nowadays.
Food cravings: I haven't really had any cravings this week- I had some sushi today (don't worry, cooked sushi only!) and that will be my fish for the week. I read that this week Baby is developing taste buds-so if I don't want a picky eater on my hands, my goal is to expose Baby B to some of MY favorite foods:) This way, when DADDY decides it's 2 against 1 for everything else, MOMMY can choose dinner based on what the majority of the household likes:) BAHAHAHA
Anything making you queasy or sick: I have been feeling a little nauseous in the morning this week, probably just because I have been more tired this week. I always feel better after I eat.
Have you started to show yet: Yep!! Still loving it!
Gender prediction: It's officially a boy!!!
Belly Button in or out? Popping out more everyday
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: This week has been an up and down week for me. My emotions have gone a little crazy at times, and sometimes I feel great and so happy and energized! Hormones are nothing to joke about here! My emotions are like a roller coaster at times.
Looking forward to: My first baby shower in two weeks and continuing work on the nursery

Labor Signs? Adding this part this week, hopefully I am not going to have to post anything here for a while, but I did read that starting at 22 weeks you can start to feel Braxton hicks contractions-so we will see!!

Anything Else???? We had a great dr. appointment today. Everything is looking great! Heartbeat is normal, I am measuring right at 22 weeks, nothing to worry about. Next appt. is May 14 and I am looking forward to it for a couple of reasons. We have my glucose test and another ultrasound to measure how big Baby B is growing. Granted, I am not excited about the glucose test or the blood work I have to get done-but I am excited to have another ultrasound and to hear an "official" measurement on how big B is getting. I am gaining weight, so that has to mean something right?!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nursery Update

We painted the nursery this weekend! We painted it all grey, Grey Stone, to be exact. It ended up being a more "blue-grey" but I still love it. It looks really nice.
Here are some pics once we got the furniture back in. I need to find a changing pad cover, thinking  navy blue chevron to match the crib sheets.

My goal is to have the nursery navy blue and green, with golf accents. Below is a picture I bought off etsy. If anyone has other ideas, they are greatly appreciated! So far, this is the only golf accent I have:)
My other idea is to put 3 8x10 photos above the dresser "A B C" but with each letter have a little golf club, golf ball, or flag next to the letter. I need to recruit one of my friends with a graphic design program to help me:) If anyone can help, I would love you forever! I don't think it will be too difficult once I explain my vision. Let me know if any readers can help me out and we can talk more;)
I am excited for my showers, it has been hard not to buy more things, but I know after we have my showers we will have a better idea of what we need to buy.
So far we are registered at Babies R Us and Target. Been trying to get to Buy Buy Baby but we have been so busy lately! And registering takes time......and isn't as fun as it sounds. Registering for the wedding was fun. Registering for a baby, whole different story. I have no idea what this baby needs:)