Sunday, May 1, 2016

Brooklyn {One Month}

And just like that, it has been one whole month. I forgot how quickly time flies with a newborn. Brooklyn has filled out, and grown from a skinny itty-bitty newborn into a chubby little baby. It is amazing how different she looks already, in just one short (long at times) month. The hours and sleepless nights creep by but honestly, how has is already been one month?!

Length, Weight, Percentiles: 
At her two week check up she had grown from 8 lbs 4 oz. to 9 lbs 1 oz. We are two weeks past that 2 week check up, and will not visit the Dr. again until her 2 month check up. But, like I said, she has filled out so I know this little girl is growing like a champ.

Still very much resembles Bennett and looks more and more like him (as a girl baby of course) everyday. Blue eyes, light brown hair. She hasn't lost much of it, not like Bennett did. I get a lot of comments that her eyes are a different shape, but I honestly do not see it, to me, they look so alike.

Still doing very well, but waking up out of her newborn coma more everyday. Brooklyn sleeps for 1-2 hours during the day at a time and for 3-4 hour stretches at night. This past week I noticed that she has slept less during the day, giving me 30-45 minute naps instead of 1-2 hours at a time. But, I cannot determine if that is because she is sleeping less because she is getting older, or if she is being awoken by her very active and loud big brother:) She wakes up for the day around 6:30 AM and we put her down for the night between 8-9 PM. Up until about a week ago we were keeping her up until we went to bed, which resulted in a VERY exhausting night time routine. We were finding that we got zero alone time and in turn she was wide awake at 10 PM and not at all interested in going to bed. As of last week, as Josh starts Bennett's night time routine, I start Brooklyn's. Both kids are usually asleep by 8:30 or 9 PM, which gives us about an hour kid-free. Brooklyn wakes up 2-3 times a night, sometimes, but rarely, at 11-12 PM, sometime between 1-2 AM, and lastly between 4-5 AM. 

Brooklyn is nursing primarily so it is hard to determine exactly how much she eats at a time, however, we do give her bottles and she is usually eating 2-3 oz. a feeding. I also supplemented with formula during week 1 and since then she has had 1-2 bottles of formula a week. It is amazing how less concerned, worried, or anxious I am this time around with feeding her a bottle and especially formula. I had such a complex with Bennett about giving him formula or a bottle too early. But, one thing I learned with him is, do what makes everyone happy, that there is no "failure" or anything wrong with doing what you feel is best for your baby. I was finding that by the end of the day, Brooklyn was getting very little milk from nursing. She was restless and fussy and I could tell she was still hungry. The moment we gave her some formula, you could immediately tell she felt more comfortable, which in turn made everyone a lot happier! 

Outgrew all newborn clothes at 2-3 weeks old. She is now in 0-3 and 3 month clothes. Bennett was still in newborn clothes past his 1 month birthday. What a chunker she is!

Size 1 diapers. Brooklyn lasted in the itty bitty newborn diapers about 2 weeks. Actually, we could have upped to Size 1 sooner but we had so much and just didn't want them to go to waste, so we used them up before changing to Size 1.

Getting more alert everyday. Like I mentioned before, Brooklyn woke up from her newborn coma sometime this week. She spends 30-90 minutes awake at a time. She has been giving us snippets of what are soon to be smiles:) Her best time of day is morning, and I see more personality and smiles during that first hour in the morning. She is fascinated with lights and the movement on the TV catches her attention. 

Her swing, car rides, walking/bouncing, cuddling and being held for naps, laying on her tummy on our chests, stroller rides, being naked.

Dislikes: getting dressed after a bath, being hungry, being given the pacifier if she is truly hungry (she is not fooled by that silly piece of plastic!)

Feeling great, but tired. Bennett didn't wake up as much during the night as Brooklyn, so this is new to me. The first feeding I am good, but the second and sometimes third are killer. Bennett always slept 5-6 hours the first stretch and woke up (usually) once a night. Brooklyn is on a more structured 3 hour schedule (by her own doing, no schedule created by me around here yet!). However, Bennett napped much less during the day. It is all an adjustment, but I am loving my time with her. Brooklyn and I spend 2-3 days together alone a week and Bennett goes to daycare during those days and Bennett stays home with us the other days. The days that it is Brooklyn, Bennett and I are B-U-S-Y. My house is usually a disaster and we are just surviving:) We have fun, we paint and color, play batman, go for walks and to the park or play outside (weather permitting) but I am exhausted by the end of the day. Life with 2 kids (one a very active, imaginative, and creative toddler) is no joke!

Bennett has adjusted well to his baby sister. He is very loving and attentive to her. Almost TOO attentive at times. He loves to kiss her and asks to hold her. Sometimes when he touches her head or point out her belly button, toes, or other body parts he uses a bit too much pressure and we have to ask him to be gentle. He tends to hover or smother her at times. On the flip side, we have seen him regress just a bit. He asks to wear pajamas like baby sister (the onesie pajamas that zip up, which he has very little of and they are a tad too small), he has had more accidents this past month than he has had in the 6 months he has been potty trained, and he tends to guilt trip me a bit with statements like "You never help me" or "I don't like baby sister." I know this is all normal and he is just jealous of the attention she gets that is getting pulled away from him. Overall, the moments of regression or jealousy are very little and his love and protective nature far outweigh these times.