Saturday, August 29, 2015

2 Years Old!!!

We have had such a great summer! June and July we stayed super busy and Bennett's birthday snuck right up on us in August. This post is about 2 weeks late, after his birthday but hey, we are a busy crew here!
Late June we attended an Icubs game. It was a hot night out and although we only made it through 5 innings, Bennett had alot of fun!

Especially, loving the snacks that come along with baseball games.

So presh!

Des Moines has a couple of splash pads located around the city. Unfortunately, for me, as a working mom, I don't get the chance to take Bennett to these as often as I would like. We were able to hit up one of the splash pads this summer one evening.

They had a great park too!

He is a climber!

On Bennett's 2nd birthday. We gave him a train table for his birthday.

I have gotten increasingly horrible at taking pictures. One, because Bennett just absolutely refuses to smile. He is well aware when my phone is out to take a picture. So unfortunately, I don't get to take as many pictures I would like. 

Some of the other summer events we attended was 4th of July fireworks and The Jones County Fair, where Bennett successfully sat through an Eric Church and Tim McGraw Concert. Although, I think he enjoyed the games and rides on the midway much much more! We went swimming at the swimming pool one time this summer after work and that was a big hit!

Bennett is still wearing diapers, and although we talk about potty training, we are waiting until life slows down a little bit this fall to commit to it.

Mid-July we took the side off of Bennett's crib and he is now in a "daybed" with a bed rail. He WILL NOT crawl out of that bed either. Knock on wood it stays that way, but so far he has been an angel and just stays in his bed until we come get him!

Bennett is OB-SESSED, you guys, with a cartoon called Team Umizoomi. It is the first thing he asks for in the morning, and I know he is asking for it at daycare, and we usually give into a couple episodes after work or before bed. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. It allows us to get some things done around the house, and he quietly sits and watches it:)

Other than these changes, pretty much everything I wrote in the last update holds true. 

Hoping to get some of the pictures back from his birthday party and 2 year pictures to post soon!
Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Lake of the Ozarks {2015}

We spent another fun filled week at Lake of the Ozarks in July 2015
4th of July was a hit. Sparklers, BBQ, and red/white/blue attire!
Bennett picked up swimming on his own. He is able to kick his feet and tread water (with mom or dad close by of course!)
So many great shots, I couldn't decide which ones to include!!

We had a mix of hot and chilly weather
These kids love to "fish" off the dock
Top Right-lot's of cartoon watching in Gma and Papa's bed
 Playing "horsey" with brooms. Rainy days call for creative activities:)
Both kids swimming on their own!
Our kids are such great boaters, we are so lucky! How fun!
Bennett also loves tubing! He could ride the tube all day long

Such joy!

Rainy Day activity at Miner Mike's
 We rented a Jetski our last day
Such a goofball

Wakeboarding-most of the pictures are of Josh and Nate, but look close, Emily is catching some air too!

 Still trying to learn how to wakesurf, but we are getting there!