Sunday, April 20, 2014

8 Month Update

Update: Busy Busy Busy this kid is. Month 8 was full as ever. The weather is getting nicer, so we have spent much more time outside, and we try to get Bennett out as much as possible. We all had a little cabin fever after a long winter indoors. Bennett sprouted two teeth, in what seems like overnight around 7.5 months. We didn't have much, if any, trouble with teething. It barely even noticed he was teething until I looked and there they were!

  • Being outside
  • Guys......seriously, this kid is a guy's guy. He absolutely adores Uncle Nate, and pretty much any guy that plays with him.
  • Babies and other kids
  • Peek A Boo, Patty Cake, and any sort of "wrestling" with him, "smelly feet" game
  • Being tickled
  • Almost any food we give him.....almost anything, see below.....
  • Waiting for food
  • Avocado
  • When things get taken away from him
  • Being held and rocked, or contained in any way.....
Stats: No Stats, 9 month appointment is next month in May

Features: Blue eyes, two bottom teeth, blonde hair with curls on the end. The absolute ugliest toenails I have ever seen. Seriously, everything about Bennett is cute, except for his toenails (typical boy)

Sleep: Sleeping from 7:30-8:00 PM until 6:00-6:45 AM. We have discovered that it does not matter what time we put him to bed, he always wakes up at the same time. There have been a number of times we were out and about and he didn't get to bed until 9 or even later, but that still means he wakes up at 6 AM.

Eating: 5-7 oz. of formula 4-5 times a day, around every 3-4 hours plus 3 meals a day in addition to formula. Usually baby food for breakfast and lunch and then for dinner, depending on what we have, he will eat baby food or what we eat. If we have something spicy he won't eat our food. He loves to eat when we eat, we cannot feed him first and then sit down alone. He wants to sit at the table with us, so that usually means mommy takes a bite, Bennett takes a bite, mommy takes a bite, Bennett takes a bite. Bennett has begun to acquire his pincer grasp, and usually at dinner we will give him small pieces of food to pick up and put in his mouth. Right now, more food ends up on his shirt or in his high chair, but it is a good thing to practice!

Diapering: Size 3 diapers, and night time diapers which are also size 3

Clothes: 6 and 9 month clothes, plus some 12 month clothes. Also wearing shoes pretty consistently when we are outside and he can wear a 2-3 size shoe.

Social: Crazy, hilarious, wild, happy child. He is seriously the happiest baby I have ever seen, but yes, I am biased, I know many babies are just as happy. He is (almost) always smiling. He screams in delight when he is excited, and grunts when he wants attention. He also recognizes his names as of this month. Bennett is BUSY! He is entertained for about 5.5 seconds and then moves onto the next thing. He is fearless, and hardly cries when he falls, but don't get me wrong, he does cry if he is scared or falls hard enough. Josh and I are working on  teaching him to wave bye bye, and say "uh oh"

Bennett has become very much a "mommy's boy" this month. He still does not have stranger danger, and I highly doubt he ever will, but if I am in the room or close by, he wants me to be the one holding him. I do love it, but at times it is exhausting, and I just want to get things done. Sometimes I have to make myself scarce so he won't crawl right over to me, tug on my pants, and reach his arms up to me (seriously, I know, how do I resist that?!?! it is hard.....)

Love those baby blue eyes!

New fun toy!!

While mom makes dinner, I play with anything and everything in the kitchen cupboards

Messy Eater!

You are too big for this now Bennett!

Again with those blue eyes!

So cool

Two peas in a pod

It took me a week to post his 8 month update, and this is why.....It is next to impossible to take a picture of this kid-wait, let me rephrase that, it is next to impossible to take a picture of this kid SITTING STILL!