Friday, February 14, 2014

6 Month Update

Update: Seriously, WHAT?! How has an entire half of a year gone by already? How do we have a 6 month old?! I always scoffed at parents who said things exactly like this, thinking "oh come on, get ahold of yourselves!" but seriously, now I am being that person. HOW HAS SIX MONTHS ALREADY GONE BY???? They say the first 6 months are the toughest (well in terms of schedule, sleep, adjustment, etc), well to that I say, Praise God! Not that it was overly tough, but we are so excited to see what the next 6 months bring. And the next 6 months are going to go by just as quickly.

  • Toys, toys, toys
  • Eating solids, and mum mums
  • Funny faces and noises
  • Singing songs (Old McDonald, Wheels on the Bus, etc)
  • Getting Dressed, or undressed
  • Get his nose sucked, picked at, etc
  • Being put in his carseat
Stats: No stats next week. 6 Month checkup is Feb. 21

Features: His hair is growing, looks longer, losing that "baby-fine" look to it. Getting bigger by the day! He seriously looks like such a little boy now. He has the best smiles, and his eyes just sparkle when he smiles. I love how his eyes get squinty when he smiles, he definitely gets that from the Boettcher side!

Sleep: For most of the last month, Bennett has woken up once a night around 3:30 AM, but went immediately back to sleep after we fed him a bottle. But for the past week he has been sleeping through the night! Finally, we decided to try letting him cry. He was never really screaming, mostly just whining, and for a couple nights it lasted about an hour, on and off. He would whine, fall asleep, whine, fall asleep, but then on this past Sunday, he slept through the night and has been the following 4 nights! Keep your fingers crossed he keeps it up.

Bennett takes 2-3 naps/day now. Usually one morning nap for 1-2 hours, and one afternoon nap for 1-2 hours, and sometimes depending on how long his naps were earlier in the day a mid-evening nap around 5 pm.

Eating: Eating 6 oz. per bottle, and usually has 5-6 bottles a day. He is also eating 2-3 solid meals a day. Usually oatmeal cereal and pureed apples or pears early in the day. He has pureed peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, squash, and carrots that he eats at dinner. We also tried some finger foods the other day, but he isn't quite ready for that. I cut up some small pieces of banana, but his little fingers couldn't grab onto them. He loves his food! I am hoping to have him try some other things this month, possibly mixing in some meats or trying finger foods again. We also have these mesh sucky things he likes as well. I have put pineapple and strawberries in there and he sucks on those. We give him mum mums too and he chows those right down-although, I think they are disgusting looking and just leave a huge mess!

Diapering: Size 2 diapers, but consistently peeing through his diapers at night. We tried bigger diapers at night, and pee's through those too. I am going to look into nighttime diapers next.

Clothes: mostly 6 month clothing. A few 3 month clothes still in the mix, but about to put a lot of those away now too.

Social: He is SO happy, so smiley, and I could listen to his laugh for hours. The minute Josh or I walk in the room, he lights up. Josh can make him laugh like no other. If you give him a smile or silly face/noise, he will give you the biggest toothless grin. His laughs are infectious, and it is not hard to get him to smile at all. He recently found his voice and has been screaming and using that to his advantage. I absolutely love hearing his voice, I think it is just so adorable. He started blowing raspberries, and even though he already drools everywhere, the raspberries just add to the drooley mess! Bennett is definitely aware of who is around him and who is not. He has become a "mamas boy" this month, and I have to be careful not be around him or he will whine until I pick him up.

Bennett is sitting up like a champ, he takes baths in the big bath now, and while we still need to keep close so he doesn't fall too hard, he is pretty good about sitting up on his own for a while. Sometimes he does want to fall over though, so he can get onto his belly to try and crawl. Bennett is SO close to crawling. He has a way of getting around, where he gets up on his knees, and then launches himself forward, he hasn't figure out how to  use his arms yet. He kind of looks like he is doing a mountain climber. He rolls from back to belly with no effort at all, but is still working on belly to back. His arm gets stuck underneath him but eventually he figures it out. He is ALL over his crib at night, sometimes I wonder if he crawls when we aren't looking.

Bennett loves watching other kids, and he is so entertained by what they are doing. I know he enjoys daycare for that reason. I think he enjoys people his own size!

Mama: Since having Bennett I have been very adamant that I do not want my kids closer than 3 years in age. Mostly because I am not too fond of the baby stage and the thought of being pregnant again so soon and going through the baby stage again in the next year is terrifying. However, in the past couple of weeks, the thought has crossed my mind a time or two. Only because the last 6 months really did go by SO fast, Bennett is getting easier and more predictable and why not? It might be nice to get the next baby started, and that means no more baby stage (since we only want 2 kids, I think.....) However, don't get your hopes up too high. I am still not sold on the idea. I still really think I want them 3 years apart.

Daddy: Josh has a way of making Bennett laugh, and getting him to makes noises that I only wish I could do. Bennett just loves his daddy, he and Josh roll around and play, and the laughs that Bennett produces are just full on belly laughs. I cannot tell you how much I love watching them play together. Josh is such an amazing father, and I am so blessed to have him in my life. Nothing prepares you for the love you develop for your husband through watching him be a father to your child.

(Eating Mum Mum's)

(Lots of tummy time lately, trying to crawl!)

(Playing in one of our favorite toys)

(Learned how to sit up on our own this month!)

(Also getting close to crawling, pulling up on knees and rocking)

(sucking on a strawberry through the mesh sucky thing-not sure what these are officially called)

(Sitting up! So Big!)

(Happy boy!)

(One of my favorite pictures of Bennett)

(So happy in the morning)

(trying some finger foods out-banana, not quite ready for this.)

(Sometimes I hold my bottle with my feet-LLLAAAZZZYYY)

(Another favorite picture, love this smile and those eyes!)

(Naked Baby!)

(Bath time is still one of our favorite things, and now we are bathing in the big bath, no more baby bath!)

(Sweet boy napping in the big bed-love this! Melts my heart)

(taking a bath with cousin, Kaden)