Sunday, July 27, 2014

11 Month Update

Update: Sorry for being a bit delayed on this update. July has been CRAZY busy!! Better late than never. So, this is going to be a bit tough being that we are already two weeks past July 14th, which was the day Bennett turned 11 months old. It might be tough to remember some of his milestones because they are all starting to blur together at this point. Bennett spent June 14th-July 14th enjoying being outside, on the boat, visiting grandma and grandpa's lake house, celebrating his first 4th of July, and as always keeping mom and dad busy-busy-busy, especially  chasing him around. Bennett started walking consistently the day he turned 11 months old. He was taking steps here and there (3-5 at a time) at 10 months, but ever since that day, his main mode of transportation has been on his feet.

  • Cars, trucks, tractors-anything with a steering wheel
  • Riding toys
  • Climbing on and in things (seriously, this kid climbs on everything!)
  • Climbing up and down the stairs, over and over and over and over..........
  • Hot Dogs, Ice Cream, Cookies, Pasta
  • Bath time has become a struggle this month
  • Diaper Changes
  • Getting dressed/undressed
  • Being put in his car seat
  • Having to sit still
  • Bananas
Stats: 1 Year appointment is a week after his 1 year birthday

Features: His hair is growing, and some have curls at the end, but most of it is straight, for now. Weight and height have increased, but not sure by how much

Sleep: Still really good here. He naps twice a day, once in the morning for an hour and half to two hours, and once in the afternoon for two to two and half hours. Goes to bed anywhere from 7:30-10:00 PM and ALWAYS (never fails) wakes up at 6 AM.

Diapering: Size 3 Diapers- in both nighttime diapers and daytime diapers, no changes here for a while I suspect.

Clothes: Bennett is wearing 9 month clothes and some 12 month clothes. But his "style" mostly consists of gym/athletic shorts and t shirts, just like his dad. He has a lot of cute outfits, but Josh likes to dress him like he does, which is usually just a pair of comfy athletic shorts and a t shirt. Shoes have been a struggle this month though! The kid seriously has the fattest feet, so most of the shoes we have as hand-me-downs do not fit. I have visited several second hand stores and keep buying shoes but nothing seems to work, and we have to have shoes on him now!

Social: Bennett started doing a lot of fun things this month other than walking. He started pointing this month. He also bounces/dances to music which is unbearably cute! He has taken a (strong) interest in cars and trucks. He absolutely loves anything with a steering wheel and wheels. He is definitely ready for some new toys, because his baby toys are getting old to him and he is ready to play with some new "big kid" toys (his birthday cannot come fast enough!). He is not saying any REAL words, but mostly babbles "baba" "mama" "dada" "daaaaaaaa" "aahhhhhh," honestly, I don't really know what he says, but he babbles ALOT! All the time, he loves to hear himself "talk"
We celebrated his first 4th of July at my grandparent's lake house in Illinois. He still dislikes the life jacket for the most part, but he is getting better about it. On 4th of July we spent the day playing outside by his baby pool with cousins Morgan and Kaden, and then Bennett and Kaden took an AHHHHHMAZING nap while we hung out by the dock (thank goodness for great video baby monitors nowaways!). After the long naps, we had a hot dog roast by the campfire, played with toys, and lit fireworks in the yard (this lake did their fireworks July 5th, for some reason). The next day we watched a "mini golf cart parade" and spent most of the day indoors and fighting naps. The weather was a bit chilly and unfortunately, we could not spend a lot of time outside, and for some reason Bennett was just NOT HAVING IT the whole day. It is amazing how different two days can be. He was whiny, clingy, did not want to nap, and had me absolutely exhausted and irritable. That night we had fireworks on the lake and since Bennett had such a crummy day, we chose not to take him on the boat to watch fireworks. My grandma opted to stay back with him while he went to bed early, which we were so SO thankful for:)
1 more month and we officially have a 1 year old, how crazy to think!!! (But honestly, by now it is 2.5 weeks, since I am writing this so late!)

 (First Father's day-Brunch at Jethro's)
 (Swimming at the pool for the first time-and loving it!!)

 (Farmer's Market)
(Swimming outside at home)

(When mom needs to get ready, we do whatever it takes to make Bennett happy!)

(Daddy being silly and sharing the crib with Bennett)

(This kid loves pasta!)

 (Reading books with Morgan)
(Bath time with Kaden)

(Swim time on 4th of the July at the lake)

(Family picture on 4th of July)

(Boating and swimming at the lake)

Bennett also tried tubing at the lake with Kaden and Jessica!)

(Mowing the lawn and playing on 4th of July)

(Seriously, this kid climbs in everything!)