Tuesday, February 26, 2013

15 Week Update

How far along? 15 weeks, 4 days
Total weight gain/loss: I am definately looking rounder this week, but our Doctor Appointment on Monday will let me know for sure if there has been any weight gain. I will let you know!
Maternity clothes? Maternity Skinny Jeans and a belly band here and there. Work pants have been fitting so far but I have been starting to use a belly band just to loosen them up a little bit
Stretch marks? No, still sticking to my baby oil and Mustela stretch mark cream routine
Sleep: Still sleeping really well, getting up to use the bathroom once between 1:30 and 3:30 AM. Still able to sleep on my tummy comfortably, but the extra pressure on my bladder is noticable when I have to pee.
Best moment this week: BIG NEWS THIS WEEK!! I felt the baby move for the first time:) It was exciting but creepy at the same time. We were laying in bed getting ready to fall asleep when all the sudden I felt some weird bubbly movement, and then it kept happening over and over. I told Josh, who I still think is convinced it was gas, but this was a feeling I have never felt before:) Little Baby Boettcher kept moving for the next hour which I enjoyed laying and just feeling while Josh slept. Sunday I felt a little movement again when I was laying down, but since then I haven't felt much, at least nothing as pronounced as Saturday night's movement.
Miss Anything? Being tan, usually around this time of year I would lay down in a tanning bed a few times just to get some color. I am not a huge fan of spray tans but I might treat myself to one soon. I am looking forward to summer and hopefully getting outside more just to get a little extra color. I obviously won't be doing any major tanning or laying out, but just being out in the yard or on a patio can get my face some color.
Movement: Yes!!! It felt so creepy but I loved it, it game me a sense of relief. I honestly wasn't expecting it for a few more weeks, but I can't wait to feel more
Food cravings: I have been drinking LOTS of milk lately, I can down the entire gallon, plus a half gallon of chocolate milk by myself within the week, and I know Josh doesn't drink any milk, ever. Siracha-or anything spicy really, but those new siracha chips and putting siracha on my rice has been a favorite this week.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not eating breakfast in the morning still makes me very lightheaded, which in turn makes me nauseous. I have been like this my entire life if I don't eat breakfast but it is harder being pregnant.
Have you started to show yet: Definately starting to pop out a belly now. I absolutely love it! I cannot wait to see what it looks like in a month from now. I think still first glance at me, you wouldn't know, but after we talk or if I show you, it is more noticeable. Maybe right now I just look like I have put on a gut:)
Gender prediction: Back and forth on the gender this week. We will find out on March 19th, hopefully!
Belly Button in or out? Still inny/outie mix-Josh thinks outties are creepy, things are only going to get worse in the belly button department
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: I am so incredibly happy. I haven't been tired at all, I have just as much energy as before getting pregnant. I cannot express how excited I am for these next 6 months to come and go. Josh has been great, and so patient with me. We love seeing other kids, and envisioning how different our life will be in just half a year. He likes to tease me about being pregnant, but I know he is just kidding and is enjoying it just as much as I do, and he really does a great job taking care of me, even though sometimes I do milk it.....just a little bit:)
Looking forward to: Our next doctor appointment on Monday the 4th

Anything Else???? We have the crib set up and I also purchased a rocker off of craigslist last week. My mom ordered us a dresser, so the major items for the nursery are done. Once we get the dresser put together next week, I will post a blog showing the pictures and the plans for starting to decorate. Once we find out what gender it is, I am sure the fun will really start. I am excited to use craiglist some more, go garage saling for used items, and register-finally!!!

I have made a goal of getting to the YMCA 3 times a week to walk on the treadmill, so far I have been really good about going, but crappy cold weather really shoves the motivation right out the door. I am soooooo ready for spring, it getting dark later, and warmer weather-I am sooo over this late winter funk, Bring on MARCH!! January and February are my two least favorite months of the year, it is cold, there are no exciting holidays or birthdays (unless you count New Years Day, which in my opinion is just more depressing because January is just the worst month of the year and now you know you are just starting not only the worst month of the year, but also an entire YEAR over), and worst of all both months are for sure cold and dark. Spring just means Summer is closer and that means closer to warm weather and best of all this year, BABY!!!

Like I said, I will post pictures of the (very rough) nursery next week! My mom and sister are coming this weekend to visit and I am so excited to spend some time with them. Hopefully we can get shopping in too!

Goodnight! Happy Hump day tomorrow!

Here is a pic of me rocking my belly band today after work, I think it is so cute:) Just wanted to share!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Old Wives Tales

Everyone always has their prediction on what the baby's sex will be based on old wives tales, I thought it would be fun to do a few of them to see how they turned out. I obviously don't believe any of these are for certain, so just having a little fun today!
Ring Test-Loop your wedding ring in a piece of thread and let it dangle over your belly. If the rings swings in a back and forth motion, it's a girl. If the ring moves in a circular motion, paint the room blue.
Prediction: GIRL (My aunt did this test the other weekend and the ring went back and forth, she then tested it on all the current mothers and it was correct for all of them, but part of my thinks she was doing it herselfJ)
Heart rate-A heart rate over 140 beats per minute (bpm), it's a girl. A boy's heart beat is slower. 
Prediction: GIRL (First ultrasound was in the 170’s and the second was 160.)
Mayan Tale-The Mayan tale adds the mother’s age at conception and the year of conception. If the result is an even number then mom is having a girl. If the result is an odd number then a boy is on the way.
Prediction: BOY (27+2012=2039)
Face-If your face swells and gets rounder, it's a girl. Long and narrow face, a boy.
Prediction: Inconclusive (My face is naturally round, however, yesterday, someone did tell me my face looked thinner, so I would lean towards BOY on this one, but we will see in a few months!)
Cravings-If you crave salty foods it's a boy. If you crave sweets then it's a girl.
Prediction: BOY (I am usually a sugary lover-but since being pregnant, I haven’t had as much of a sweet tooth as I have craved salty foods more.)
Morning Sickness-No morning sickness, it’s a boy. A girl if you were sick or nauseous during your pregnancy.
Prediction: BOY (no morning sickness at all for this momma!)
Chinese Gender Prediction-This age-old calendar predicts gender based on month of conception and your age
Prediction: BOY (most of the online calculators predict boy, but it really depends on the site you go to…..this one is dumb because they were all differentL)
Shape of Belly-If you are carrying high with a big, round belly, you are having a girl. If you are carrying low with a smaller belly that sticks straight out, it's a boy.
Prediction: Inconclusive (I am not showing enough yet to tell. This is another one we will try again in a few months)
Body Clues-Legends say that if you are having a little girl, she'll steal your beauty. So, if you've got acne and other not-so-pretty skin blemishes, you've got a little princess coming your way.
Dry hands and cold feet are signs of a boy.
Prediction: BOY (No skin problems here, unless you count just being pasty-white a condition, but that is just lack of sun or tanning in the winter. On the flip side-my hands have been dry and my feet are always cold, again could just be the winter cold)
The Eye Test-when a "V" or "branches" appear when you pull down the skin under your left eye. If you see a "V" or "branches" in the white part, you're having a girl.
Prediction: BOY (I really don’t even understand this one, but when I tried it I didn’t see a “V” or “Branches” so I am going boy on this one.
Breast Test-If a pregnant woman's left breast is larger than the right breast, she's having a girl. If the right breast is larger, it's a boy
Prediction: BOY (I think you get the idea……)
Urine Test-What color is your pee? If it is bright yellow, you will have a little boy. If your urine is a dull yellow, plan on a girl.
Prediction: BOY (I would contribute this to a lack of drinking enough water, but for the sake of having fun, yes it is more yellow, too much information I am sure)
Bread- If you eat the ends of bread, its a boy. If you eat the middle of the load, its a girl
Prediction: GIRL (Who really eats the ends anyways??)
Sleep- If a pregnant woman prefers to lay on her left side, shes having a boy. If she prefers resting on her right side, shes having a girl.
Prediction: GIRL (Really, I am a tummy sleeper but I tend to sleep more on my right side than my left)
Hands- When the pregnant woman is asked to show her hands, its a boy if she keeps her palms down and a girl if she shows her palms up.
Prediction: GIRL (I tried this myself, without anyone asking, so really I don’t think the test is accurate for that reason)
Headaches- If you are having headaches, you might be carrying a boy.
            Prediction: GIRL (No headaches here for this girl!)

Of the 16 Old Wives Tales, 6 predicted GIRL, 8 predicted BOY, and 2 I declared Inconclusive at this point.

Somedays I think it is a Boy and somedays a Girl, I honestly have no idea but we will see in 4 short weeksJ


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Feeling Great!

How far along? 13 weeks, 2 days. I start my second trimester on Friday Feb. 15. I have been doing alot of reading, and it seems like there is some differences on when the trimesters end. My doctor said 1st trimester is week 1 THROUGH week 13, so I guess I will listen to him:)
Total weight gain/loss: Doctor's appt. on Feb. 7th said I gained one pound, but the doctor said it could have just been a change in clothes. I should be gaining a pound a week from here on out.
Maternity clothes? Those maternity jeans make an appearance now and then, just the skinny ones, because they are just so darn COMFY!!! I also bought a belly band, but most of my jeans and all my work pants are still buttoning comfortably.
Stretch marks? Nothing there!
Sleep: Sleeping on my tummy is starting to get uncomfortable, just because the extra pressure it puts on my bladder. The day I have to stop is going to be tough, I am primarily a tummy sleeper:(
Best moment this week: scheduling the ultrasound appointment! March 19th is the date we should be able to find out if Baby Boettcher is a girl or a boy.
Miss Anything? Nothing too badly this week, drinking water is getting old, so I have been trying new drinks and infused fruit water instead.
Movement: I like to pretend when my stomach is bubbling or moving in the morning it is the baby, I know it isn't but it is fun to pretend
Food cravings: Crab legs, but Josh will not go to Joe's Crab Shack. Corn Dogs have been on my mind alot this week too, so I bought some frozen ones and had a couple yesterday:)
Anything making you queasy or sick: I am feeling so great right now! My exhaustion has gone away, I am feeling really happy, and everything is just going so perfectly. I kind of have a boring pregnancy, but I am just very lucky to feel so great and so happy!
Have you started to show yet: First glance looking at me, no, but if I actually show you my belly under my shirt you can see a little pooch. I think my picture above shows it a  little, but I didn't realize my white shirt would blend in with the wall so much so it is hard to see:(
Gender prediction: I think it is a boy
Belly Button in or out? I had an outie as a kid, and even as an adult it is halfsy, so I can see it start to pop back out. I am definately going to be one of those pregnant women with the awkward outtie belly button poking through my clothes.
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: I have been so happy and have had so much energy the last couple weeks. Crying hasn't been an issue as much. I am just feeling so great and not as tired, and I am not as irritable as I have been, it has just been so much better.
Looking forward to: Starting the second trimester on friday!!!

Anything Else???? We bought our crib this week, it should be here sometime this week. I am looking forward to setting it up and moving the other bed out of the room. I also have joined the YMCA, so I can spend time walking/runningon the treadmill. Before getting pregnant, I felt the best about my body I ever have through going to Maxlife. I miss our maxlife friends, and I definately plan on going back after the baby. I just feel more comfortable walking during my pregnancy rather than throwing kettlebells around:)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Shopping for Baby

Ever since finding out we are having a baby, my mind has been focused on one thing, the nursery!!! I am so excited to start buying things for our nursery, and it has been driving me crazy waiting. We won't be finding out what we are having until I am 20 weeks (which is towards the end of March, ugh!!) however, I can satisfy my need to plan by getting ideas:) We are definately hoping to find out what we are having-pending everything is going normally. My poor sister couldn't find out what she was having until she was 8 months since my niece was breech and backwards, so she ended up having to buy all gender neutral items for her nursery. Fingers crossed we can find out soon, but if not, then that is how God intended and we will make it work:)
The two nursery's I like most are below.
For a boy, I want to do a green/blue theme with golf accents. Josh is an avid golfer and I just love the preppy/classic look of the golf items in the room. Etsy has some really great items to hang on the walls and with a little creativity I am sure we can figure out some other ways to decorate. I love the green rug below the crib and the little knick knacks on the side table. Nothing overdone, just simple:)
For a girl, my thought process is clean and bright, lots of bright pink and grey/white. I love the look of bright pink, it is so cheery and exciting. I just love this little girl nursery!

I have been pinning like crazy and browsing websites for nursery items I want. We have decided to buy the Graco Charleston Crib from Good tip-if you sign up for the "Red Debit Card" shipping is free. I found this out one afternoon when trying to order it to be delivered to our house, only to find out the shipping price is OUTRAGEOUS!!! Anyways, after a little research, I found out I can order online with the Red Card which is directly connected to my bank account, it is not a credit card at all, and have it shipped for free. The Graco Charleston crib has great safety and usage reviews on I bought a membership to ConsumerReports the week after I found out I was prego, I wanted to be able to research items and choose the safest/most affordable options. It has been great so far!
Some of the other nursery ideas I like include LOTS of chevron! I love the chevron pattern, and found a changing pad cover and diaper caddy on Etsy. Curtains or crib sheets may also be included in this chevron category, but I don't want to overdo it:) Plus, I am still trying to sell Josh on the chevron idea.
An upholster glider is a must have for my nursery. It is a beautiful accent and I love how comfy it looks! Babies R Us has a great selection. The one below is one of my favorites, however, it is one of the pricier items on my wish list, so we will see if we will be able to swing that, but I do loooooove it!!
Lastly, some of the decoration ideas came straight from Pinterest. All of them look super easy, and I can be somewhat crafty, if I try to be:) I love how easy the pictures above the dresser look. All I need are some cheap white frames and scrapbook paper-easy peasy!!! Also, I love the "laugh love dream play pray" signs below. This shouldn't be too hard with some leftover 2x4's, (Josh is simultaneously finishing our basement, while I work on our nursery....) and some craft paint. Finally, the book case is a must have for any nursery. I cannot wait to acquire a collection of nursery rhymes, disney stories, and fairytales to read out little prince or princess before bed. I am hoping to get lots of books at half priced books or at garage sales this summer!!!

The other baby item that has been on my mind alot, other than the nursery, is the carseat and stroller. I know that I want something unisex for this. This way we can use the same carseat and stroller for upcoming kids:) I love the look of the black and grey carseat below. It is a Chicco Keyfit 30. ConsumerReports has it listed as the best and safest carseat for infants. I think the black is so classic and sharp, nothing too cutesy about it, but perfect for a boy or girl. However, the idea I have been wrestling with today is whether we buy the travel system or if we buy the carseat plus the carseat frame. I just don't know how much we will use the bulky stroller that comes with the travel system. It has only taken me a couple of shopping trips with my sister and her kids to realize, those kids would rather be walking than sitting in a stroller, which subsequently ends up being our "shopping bag carrier/purse/coat holder" walking around the mall. I think if I buy the frame and use that until our little one gets old enough for a lighter/umbrella stroller, it would be most cost effective. Anyone else have thoughts on this? I would love any experience you have or suggestions:)
I look forward to finally going out to buy some of these items, hopefully the crib is the first big purchase we will make by the end of the week. I will keep you updated!!!! Thursday we have our second doctor's appt, and I could not be more excited! I will let you know how it goes, hopefully we will have a better ultrasound picture to post. Until then, goodnight!