Monday, August 29, 2016

Bennett Update {3 years old}

How has it already been 3 years with this little guy? It seems like only yesterday HE was the baby of the household. Bennett has had some big changes in the past 6 months, but he has been great. Bennett loves his baby sister so much. He tries so hard to love on her, but to be honest, sometimes it overwhelms her quite a bit! He will talk to her in a baby voice, and copy everything Josh or I say to her. Now that she is getting older, he is very interested in having her "play" with him, even though she can't sit up yet, I am constantly putting her in his jeep, or cozy coupe, or pretending to ride outside toys. He tries to share his toys with her, which is so sweet. And when she is crying or hasn't fallen asleep or is asleep, he informs us right away. You can tell her is very concerned about her and wants to help. Overall, we are getting used to having 2 kids, and I will honestly say, sometimes Bennett is more work.

Bennett hit his "three-nager" stage much earlier than when he actually turned 3. He is Mr. oh-so-independent. He wants to do everything by himself; put on his shoes, pull up/down his pants, buckle his seat, get in his seat, etc. He is SO particular on everything you do for him, for example, if you cut up/don't cut up his food (and he will always want it the exact opposite of what I just did for him though), how much drink he wants in his cup, he wants to get his own ice and pour his own drinks (which I do not or two messes later). He is very adamant on what clothes he wants to wear, and it is usually a combination of batman, superman, spider man, or some other superhero. When he does not get what he wants, or you do something "wrong" he throws a fit. We have had to get more persistent with discipline (although, he mostly just laughs at mom when I try to discipline).

Bennett has cut out his one and only nap of the day at this point. We were finding that by making him nap, he was wired at 8-9 pm and not ready for bed at all. So, without a nap he goes down much easier at 8 or 9 for bed. He typically sleeps from 8:30 pm to 6:30-7 am. When he does take a nap he will try to prolong taking a nap or going to bed for as long as he can. Some nights he gets up  multiple times to ask for 1 more show, 1 more snack, potty, song, story, etc.

Some of the things Bennett loves: Batman (or any superhero), cars/trucks, trailers, boats, Hot Wheels, Transformers, playing outside, swimming, being on the boat, puzzles, play-do, Legos, Paw Patrol

Some of the things Bennett hates: being told no, eating what we ask him to, going to bed, taking naps

Some of the things Bennett can do: tell us his birthday (it usually goes "14 Bennett August", Sing Twinkle Twinkle, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, Jesus loves me, Count to 15 (sometimes he skips a few numbers, ride his bike (with training wheels)

Bennett is extremely social and loves to talk (wonder who he gets that from??) Sometimes, we just want him to be quiet! But, we love his social personality and know that's what makes him, him. He is curious about the world around him and is very friendly and loving. He wants everyone to be his friend and has no issues walking up to people to strike up a conversation.

This past spring, Bennett participated in Rounded Minds:Soccer and Spanish. We loved watching him participate and learn. However, a 3 year old soccer program can have its challenges. He (and all the other kids) quickly lost focus and we ended up chasing them down, but it was fun! 

He also participated in Vacation Bible School this July. He loved VBS! He had so much fun with his little friends and again watching him participate and learn was awesome!

We are so excited to see what his 3 year old self will turn into. He keeps us busy! We love seeing how his little personality grows and develops. We would have never guessed how into super heros he would be, so I can only imagine what the next year will bring. It is so hard to believe in a year he will be going to preschool. I just love who he is and the funny things he says.

Here are a few more of my favorite pictures from the past 6 months. Enjoy!!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Brooklyn {Four Months}

Length, Weight, Percentiles:
At two months Brooklyn was 11lbs 14oz. At her 4 month appointment she weighed in at 14lbs 2.5oz. (50th percentile)
She was also 23.5 inches long at two months, and now she is 25.5 inches (89th percentile)

Blue eyes, and (very) little hair; blonde hair though. Just waiting for it to grow. She has perfected her smile and it is so easy to get her to smile these days. Her cheeks are getting more chunky, which I absolutely love.

BAHHH......So all my previous posts have come back to haunt me. Brooklyn was doing SO well! Sleeping in her crib, putting herself to sleep, swaddled......then she started breaking out of her swaddle. It would immediately wake her up. So, a few nights of 3 or 4 wake ups/night and we  put her to bed in her rock n play. That seems to help. She is unswaddled, but I think it gives her a cocoon-like feeling. We have tried a few times to put her back in her crib, unsuccessfully. Each time she wakes up multiple times a night. We have tried swaddled, partially swaddled, unswaddled, and three different types of swaddles (Halo, Miracle Blanket, Love to Dream). I just give up. I am going to let her sleep in that darn Rock N Play as long as she wants. In fact, for three nights in a row, she slept completely through the night (8:15-6:30), so I am done trying for a while and going to take advantage of the sleep I am getting right now.

When she gets overtired, she is a bear to put down. She cannot calm herself down. So the key is to start her bedtime routine when she "typically" gets tired, usually 7-7:30 PM. We have had one too many nights of her freaking out because she is so tired and cannot calm herself down enough to fall asleep. The nights we keep it consistent, and start to put her to bed around 7 or 7:30, she falls asleep easily and on her own.

She still rarely needs cuddled or rocked to sleep. I don't think I have yet rocked her to sleep. She would much rather prefer we put her down and sooth her by putting a binky in her mouth, "shhhhhh-ing" or holding her hands down so she feels secure and doesn't knock the binky out with her own hands.

Brooklyn is napping 3-5 times a day now, sometimes eliminating an evening nap (which is the one she really actually needs to get her to her bedtime without a meltdown). Depending on the length of the nap will determine how many naps she has. If they are longer naps, she will nap 3 times, but if they are short catnaps then she will take 4 or 5 naps.

I am hoping with her napping at daycare now, in a pack n play, it will teach her to sleep in her crib again without a swaddle. We shall see......

Drinking 4-5 oz. of breastmilk or formula at a time. Still prefers nursing or breastmilk though. I bought some new formula (used to use Similac Advance) and she seems to like it MUCH more (now using Gerber Gentle). She prefers to drink out of the Medela bottles, and although they are not cute or fun, I just bought them in the 8 oz versions. She is still eating every 2.5-3 hours. She will have 1 bottle of formula a day, maybe, and other than that it is usually nursing or breastmilk.

Clothes and Diapering:
Wearing size 2 diapers and 3-6 month or 6 month clothes.


Such a happy little girl. She smiles so easily now, just like Bennett did. I also love that Bennett gets her to smile now too. She is much more interested in him nowadays. She will gives us little giggles here and there. She loves silly noises (bababababa, gagagaga). She also loves to be talked to, and will coo right back at you once you get her going. She has really found her voice the last couple of weeks and has the loudest little conversations with herself. She is best in the morning, as most babies are, and tends to break down and fuss towards the evening and end of the day. She has also discovered her feet and is almost always holding onto them.

Being talked to, Patty Cake, Itsy Bitsy Spider, or any song, standing/being vertical, playmat,

Having to burp, the sun directly in her eyes, tummy time, having her eyes wiped