Wednesday, May 21, 2014

9 Month Update

Update: Month 9 is not much different from Month 8. Bennett is busy as ever, getting into everything, and smiling all along the way. I find myself getting excited about the future, and things like, what Bennett's voice is going to sound like, what sort of funny things will he say, what will his interests be. As we close in on the final stretch of the first year, I know that our "baby days" are becoming fewer and fewer. We will soon be chasing around a busy little toddler who repeats everything we say and has interests, like trucks or baseball, heck we already ARE chasing him around!!  

  • Peek a boo still a top favorite
  • Eating finger foods (he has absolutely no interest in baby food)
  • Other kids and babies
  • Anything that is NOT a toy!!
  • Being put in the car seat
  • Getting a diaper put on
  • Getting dressed
  • Having his nose wiped
    • Side note!!! I have come to realize that runny nose+drooling=teething. Two months ago when he had a month long runny nose, I just assumed it was a cold, and the drooling had been a consistant thing since he was born. BUT then the runny nose and drooling went away for two months. Enter Month 9......runny nose and drooling is back in full force!
Height: 26 and 3/4 inches (3rd percentile-I know, he is a shorty! But we think this is off just a bit, he was a tad wiggly on the table)
Weight: 19 lbs 12 oz. (50th percentile)

Short and Chubby:)

Features: Still just two bottom teeth. I don't see the top teeth even attempting to pop through yet, but his runny nose and drooling tell me they are coming! Hair is getting longer, he has little curls on the end too
Sleep: If we did one thing right so far, it has been in the "sleep" category. Bennett is the most amazing sleeper. We are so fortunate! At home he will go to bed between 7:30 or 8. If we are out and about, and if he is entertained, we can push that to 9 pm. He typically sleeps 10-11 hours straight through, so that puts us as a 6-7 AM wake up time everyday. He is napping twice a day, one morning nap and one afternoon nap, each usually 1.5-2.5 hours long
Eating: Trying to finish the last of the baby food I bought, but not planning on buying baby food again after this is gone. Bennett has absolutely zero interest in us feeding him. I have been steaming veggies, cutting up noodles, and cutting up pieces of meat for him to feed himself. It usually takes longer, and is ALWAYS a mess, but it is adorable to watch him learn to feed himself. Plus, you have to learn somehow right?!
Diapering: Size 3 diapers, and night time diapers which are also size 3
Clothes: 6 and 9 month clothes, plus some 12 month clothes. Also wearing shoes pretty consistently when we are outside and he can wear a 2-3 size shoe.
Social: We have noticed in the past week Bennett has learned a sense of "fear." He will start crying when something scares him like loud noises, different situations, even things on tv or people. He does not have stranger danger, and could not care less when I leave him or drop him off at daycare, but little things scare him that never used to. It is heartbreaking to see him scared and crying, but he rebounds very quickly. 

Still babbling like crazy and oh, his excitement screams just melt my heart. He screeches in excitement, and when he gets going, it is just hilarious. I absolutely love hearing his excitement screams! He is just like his momma! My mom said I would scream all the time also, so I love that he is taking after me. 
Standing and walking along furniture, he is standing briefly on his own for 2-3 seconds at a time. He is exploring the house more too. He used to just stay in one room and maayyyybe venture into another, but now we will find him all over the house, climbing up the stairs, inside the cupboards, etc.

Trying on life vests at Scheels

First time at the play area at the mall.

Eating food by himself!

Watching Dad golf

He LOVES golf clubs, should have figured.....

Exploring at the driving range

So cool

Worn out after an Easter Egg Hunt

Bennett's first Easter egg basket!

Lot's of new goodies

Being silly at the park

Visiting Grandma Sara and watching the cars zoom below us

Walk along the Mississippi river 

Best Buds

Bennett started waterbabies class at the end of April

Dad swimming with Bennett at his first Waterbabies class

He wasn't so sure at first.....

Pictures of me and Bennett are rare, I am usually taking the pictures

Mom and Bennett at 2nd Waterbabies class

Playing with a golf club again

He also loves to play with cars rolling them back and forth

Yum!!! Cheesing for the camera

Still trying to master picking food up

Oh nevermind, I will just put my face in it and eat it that way instead.

This is what my little boy would look like as a little girl:)

One more with the golf club:)