Thursday, December 1, 2016

Brooklyn {Seven Months}

Length, Weight, Percentiles: No new update here. Next Dr. visit is at 9 months



Features: Baby blues, long legs, and her hair is finally growing in! Barely.....but it is coming in! Still has just the two little baby teeth.

Sleep: Brooklyn goes back and forth between sleeping all night and waking up once a night. She might have 2-3 good nights and then wake up a few nights in a row. We can't quite figure out how to get her to consistently sleep through the night. Sometimes it is just easier to get up and feed her. She sucks a bottle down in 5 minutes and we are usually only up for 10 minutes max. We occasionally let her whine and cry lightly on and off, depending on how tired we are. Sometimes she falls back to sleep and goes in and out of sleep for a couple of house, which can be good and can be super annoying if you stay awake while she is doing it.

She goes down at night easily between 7-8 PM. She naps 2-3 times a day for an 1-2 hours. She can put herself to sleep and most mornings we wake up and she is already bright eyed and smiling in her crib. We rarely wake up to her crying and crabby.


New friends at Iowa games!

Diet: She is eating 5 oz of formula and 1-2 servings of baby food a day. We have noticed that as she eats more baby food she rarely wants a full bottle of formula at night which leads to LOTS of wasted formula. But, the moment we don't give her a full bottle, are the times she sucks it down and wants more. So hard to figure her out!

She loves eating solids. Her favorites are peas, which blows my mind since momma DESPISES peas. I can hardly even feed her peas, it grosses me out so much.

 Clothes and Diapering: Wearing mostly 6 and 9 month clothes and size 3 diapers.

Some daycare pics-our last days at Melissa's!

Social: Little missy has become quite the little scaredy cat lately. She is developing stranger danger and prefers mom or dad over strangers. She hates seeing people in hats and gets more scared of males than females. She gets more scared at evening than in the morning, mostly probably due to her being tired. She also recognizes when I leave the room and does NOT like that either.

She does a great job sitting up and playing with her toys. This is my absolute favorite! I love that she is so easily entertained and is not quite yet mobile. She is working on crawling though! She gets up on her hands and knees but can only seem to move herself backward by sliding.

She rarely cries and has absolutely no issues with Bennett jumping on her, hugging her, laying with her, although it looks quite overwhelming. She is so tough. Guess that is what having a big brother will do for ya.

Some of the new things Brooklyn is doing: sitting up, grabbing for toys, picking up little puffs (although she has a hard time getting them into her mouth still), pulling herself into a crawling position, moving herself backwards

Likes: Still loves songs, dancing, patty cake, peek a boo, examining anything and everything, Bennett's toys, and this is a weird one but she LOVES having her nose sucked (I mean, who wouldn't enjoy breathing?!)

Dislikes: when her diaper is dirty, trying to go #2 (little miss has quite the #2 issues),  being tired, surprisingly baths are also not a super favorite, she would rather get in and get out quickly.

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